Friday, July 18, 2014


The more I watch my grands, the more I recognize my inner child when I myself don’t want to do something:  sitting on the couch, red-eyed, eyelashes all starred together, an inch away from passing out, tears leaking down my face, crying for my stuffed animal – but really,  really, hoping and praying someone will just swoop me up, lay my head on their shoulder and go put me in my crib where I can be all by myself to drift off to sleep. 

Yup.  That would be me. 

These kiddos are pretty dang smart. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kids Are Wayyyyy Too Funny

Saturday night I went to eat with family friends. These friends have two adorable children, a girl age 7(I’ll call her Belle) and a boy age 1 ½(I’ll call him Crash). These kids are seriously funny. Belle is elegant, prissy, but not afraid to get dirty, already a heck of a hunter as well as a serious basketball player. Crash is all boy, but flirty and funny, too. Both kiddos are sweet, smart as whips and function well around adults.

We’re through eating, visiting, and all of a sudden, Crash sits up straight in his high chair. He has this look of surprise on his face, says something (we’re not sure what) and points to his bottom. We laugh, and so does Crash.
Mom: Hey, Crash. Need to go to the bathroom?
Crash shakes his head no, and goes on playing, sticking a chopstick into one of those square pretzels, then popping the pretzel into his mouth. He’s pretty dang good at it.
The conversation quickly morphs to how loud Crash’s burps are. Belle is avidly describing just how gross her little brother can get, all the while laughing. She laughs so hard, we all laugh. And then we hear it. And it is LOUD. And LOOOOOONG.
Mom, Dad, and I all turn to look at Crash, who looks at us, like, “What?” And then, it hits us. That sound emanated from Belle.
We look at Belle, and she’s got this surprised look on her elegant little face, but is half smiling, too. Mom and I look at each other, and start that silent shaking laughter, you know, the kind that is so strong, it hurts? Tears are flowing down our faces. Belle starts laughing, Dad starts laughing, and finally, Crash decides he’ll join in, too.

Lord. You can’t pay for entertainment like this.

*This is a story from my old blog, transferring over a little at a time.  Bear with me!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello, It's Me...Again

I know, I know.

I haven’t written in three weeks. Or maybe more.

I’ve fallen in love.

I’ve fallen in love with Young Living Essential Oils.

And we’ve been making Sleepy Salve, with Young Living Essential Oils.

I posted about it here.

And it has resulted in a lot of people becoming Young Living members along with me. They are interested in their health, and that of their families.

It’s been crazy around here, but crazy good.  I love it.

Here's a simple graphic I made about the Young Living Thieves Cleaner.  It's amazing.

So back to the craziness of MiVidaLoca.  Of course, it’s never boring, anyway.  But you knew that already!

But I’ve got stories to tell you, so stay tuned.  Funny ones.  As usual.

I promise.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Bracelet Here, A Bracelet There, Everywhere A Bracelet, Bracelet

See these?

 These beautiful bracelets?

Well, some of them are some old ones I’ve gathered up.

One, the big silver one, is an original bracelet, created by a Greek artisan, on the isle of Santorini.  I loved that jewelry store.  We purchased three pieces there, and this is one of my favorites.

But some of those bracelets, like the purple one and the black ones?  Those are the original creations of RubyJames by Lauren Wall.

She’s amazing.  She auctions her bracelets off every Sunday night at 8:15 p.m. CST on Facebook.  

I love them.  Each and every one.

But they’re all super hard to wear when I’m typing on my computer.

So, I take them off.

My friends, who work with me on special projects (and I have a lot of special projects, and you know who you are) tease me unmercifully about my bracelet stash.

The stash I carry around in…

  •    My vehicle.
  •    My purse.
  •    Or leave on my desk.
  •    My coffee table.
  •    Lord forbid I hang them up on my jewelry organizer.

Those same friends tell me I wear them just to play with them.

They're probably right. Yeah.  I know.  I’m really bad.

But, I DO love my Ruby James bracelets!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Love love love love them.

Oh, well.  If they’re talking about me, they’re giving someone else a break, right?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mickey May Have To Have Plastic Surgery...

We have had a casualty por La Casa de Crazy…


Mickey Mouse has lost an appendage.

Well, three, to be exact.

See, the Wonderdogs think everything toy…is theirs.

Be it stuffed, plastic, Disney, or otherwise.

Yup, it’s a war of the territories.   Between the baby grands and the Wonderdogs.  Except the baby grands don't even know it's happening.  The dogs love everything these kiddos do.  

They love these munchkins.  Want to be around them 24/7.

Add baby smell to anything the kids have touched?  Oh, the dogs love that...even more so.  Legos? Sippy cups?  Anything.

Talking about baby smells?

The Wonderdogs love love love dirty diapers.

But I digress.

No, I divert.  Because I’m not even gonna go there.

But you get my drift.


Enough said.

It’s never boring around here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

They're Gonna Live - All Three of Them

After a couple of rough days and nights, and vet visits,  Zack the Wonderdog is way better.

Unfortunately, Zanna followed suit and had exactly the same symptoms.  Fortunately, we had her at the vet a day earlier and on treatment, so her symptoms haven't been as rough as those of Zack.  Plus, she's younger.

I found out she was sick in the early morning hours, as I readied myself for work.  She was curled up under the covers, and I was traversing the house in the dark when I slid upon the evidence on the rug in the living room.  Ugh.

The second time, in the dark hallway, an hour later, I had to be rescued by ThatManILove at 6 a.m.  Yes, the same ThatManILove that took his 
You know, because he was overcome by such a bad case of the giggles and snorts.

He got there in the nick of time.  I was seriously considering running for my shotgun, stinky feet and all.